About us
Our sharp, young editors will nail your project.

They truly understand your situation and will deliver the above-and-beyond customer care you deserve. Each is an accomplished, aspiring academic who holds a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) and who’s passed our rigorous vetting process. Count on them to expertly guide you through your project and not only make it better, but also make you a better writer in the process!

People like you created Spellgeek.

Because we’ve been in the same boat as you, we know how tough it can be having English as a second language–especially in college where error-free writing is critical. That’s what inspired Justus and Nina to create Spellgeek and solve this problem. Justus, our Administrative Manager, makes Spellgeek run like a well-oiled machine, while Nina, our Quality Control Manager, ensures that our editors consistently meet quality standards. Add Stephen, our crack Designer, and Lothar, our Marketing guru, and you have an innovative company that will always come through for you: Spellgeek!