Some typos are small – like a missing apostrophe. Others are big and embarrassing, like an inappropriately misspelled word (in the WORST possible place). That’s why proofreading is such a vital part of the writing process. Unfortunately, most spellcheck programs miss the majority of errors. That’s where we come in. We’ll catch all the little mistakes that stand between you and success. Miss a comma? We’ve got it. Have an embarrassing typo? No problem. You can rest easy knowing your content is polished and ready to go.

Logic & Structure
Logic & Structure

Think of your overall thesis as a big house, and all of your arguments and paragraphs as bricks. Your essay will only make logical sense if you build the house in the right order, with the foundational bricks first and the supplementary bricks second. It’s important that the structure and flow of your paper follow a logical path and make sense. The Spellgeek team will examine the essay’s thesis, review quality and order of the evidence, check the consistency of ideas, and improve the natural flow of thoughts to make sure your paper is perfectly structured.

Reference Check
Reference Check

There is nothing more tedious and stressful than putting together your reference list. Not only can missing or inaccurate references cost you a grade, but in some cases, they could carry serious consequences at your University! When you’ve already put so much effort into your writing, it’s just not worth it to blow your grade on references – so let us help. We’ll double check all of your references to make sure they’re accurate, accounted for, and properly formatted. We can modify APA, Chicago, Harvard, and Vancouver style reference lists.

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We recruit aspiring and accomplished academics 
and whilst we support their academic cause they support yours.

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Skilled Academics

We know that when it comes to academic proofreading services, the options are abundant. If one is going to thrive in such a competitive market, one would have to provide a service that is nothing short of first-rate. To this end, we have ensured that our services meet the uppermost standards by recruiting only the most qualified editors. This alongside the fact that our service is charged at an affordable price, makes us the best on the market.

Fostering Academia

In the business of proofreading and editing, some companies are prone to taking advantage of desperate academics. We believe that paying a fair wage guarantees excellence in the work carried out by our tutors - thereby ultimately serving you as the customer.

Local is lekker

Many proofreading services recruit their editors on an international level and label themselves as ‘freelance’ to make it non-taxable. Our business and our editors, on the other hand, are fully committed to paying their part on taxation.

Be Original

We’re not in the business of nickel-and-diming our customers. Good academic writing boils down to three things: (1) language and cohesion, (2) structure and logical coherence, and (3) precise referencing. Anything else would be considered unnecessary from our editorial perspective.

Nina Knows It All

We know how much you value your success. So do we. Your success is our success which makes us very self-reflective about the work we do for you. Once you submit your work, the editing and proofreading process won’t simply end with our tutors. The quality of their work will be carefully monitored and supervised by Nina our quality-manager.

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Cant complain
Your editors are unfailingly world-class, thoughtful, painstakingly accurate, and hugely considerate of the author's (my) "voice." Highest possible rating not just for editorial services, but for ANY service business

(verified order)
5, November 2018
Lothar V.

Tolle Seite
Super einfach, genau wie beschrieben und vor allem hilfreich!

(verified order)
19, October 2018

Good job!
Proofreaders are very careful to avoid changing the meaning of the sentences and also offer alternatives to get more clarity in the text. Their work is really useful.

(verified order)
13, October 2018

The first time
This is the first time I've used any service to assist with academic paper writing. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. However, the service and support exceeded my expectations enormously. The comments were essential, numerous and courteous. I was amazed that, in just a 72 hour turnaround, the editor, Marisa, was able to actually plow through my 40 page paper, let alone understand and comment concisely, but comprehensively. In short, loved the experience. And loved the thoughtfulness, gentleness but thoroughness of the comments.

(verified order)
6, October 2018
Dimitri V.

Excellent and vital service for longer research assignments!
I'm currently doing my PhD on the university of Athens. I got comments from my supervisor that my English wasn't good enough to publish my articles. The Spellgeek editor corrected quite a bit, made the text flow and gave me extremely useful comments. I'll come back for my full dissertation and I have recommended you to all my friends! Cheers!

(verified order)
1, October 2018
Pedro C.

Perfect Review!!
I am so happy with Robyn's work. Definitively, I would like her to be my editor in future reviews.

(verified order)
27, September 2018

Quite satisfied..
I uploaded my master thesis which was about 40 pages and received it back in time. The quality of proofreading was very high and they also included very helpful comments just the communication with the editor was a bit inconvenient. I always needed to login to my profile to see whether I have received a question from the editor regarding my paper. I would suggest you include an email notification that would notify the customer if the editor has asked a question. But overall a very good service! Thanks.

(verified order)
25, September 2018
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